Peagreen Kitchen

Another café or restaurant in Torquay? Surely not? Oh yes, but this one is different.

We’re on a mission to bring you real, wholesome, tasty, affordable food. It’s not a greasy spoon, it’s not a twee tea room, it’s not an artisan coffee shop. The Peagreen Kitchen do lunches you just can’t find anywhere else.

Take a look at our menu to get an idea of what we do. And rest assured that whatever we do, we want to be proud of it. We’ve got no interest in serving up any old rubbish. We hope you can taste that dash of love that we add to every dish!

And for all you vegetarians and vegans, and ‘assorted others’, don’t be afraid to ask. There’s nothing more annoying that eating somewhere when you’ve got no confidence the chef knows (or cares) whether the cheese, or oil, or anything else is veggie. We know our ingredients and we know what we do with them, so just ask.

We’re open Monday–Friday from 9.30am till 2.30pm. You can eat-in, unwind and enjoy the vibe. Or you can grab something to takeaway and get back to work (shame!).

Come and find us at 175 (Higher) Union Street, Torre, Torquay, Devon.
For those that like a postcode, it’s TQ1 4BX. For those with a clever phone you can see a map here. And for the more traditional, we’re up from Castle Circus/Town Hall, past the courts, a few doors up from the old bowling alley (opposite Palm Road).