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We are so grateful to the folk who nominated us for a food & drink award unfortunately we cannot accept as from Monday PGK will be under new..

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We have a pecan, maple & ginger tart this week (vegan) which you can have with oatly dairy free single cream there is also a G/F, vegan, double..

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Veggie/ vegan burger special this week 🥗🥗

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Hi all, We reopen Monday at 9.30 am 🥑🥒 the special next week is a burger (veggie or vegan) with lime, chilli & sun dried tomato mayo, leaves..

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How exciting! We’re number 3 in cafe section 🥒🥑

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Peagreen Kitchen is now closed for Summer holidays, we are back on September 4th ☀️

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Fruit, dark chocolate and nut balls! Gluten free but not calorie free, alas!

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We’re off on our hols on Friday 11th August ☀️see you on Monday 4th September when we reopen at 9.30am x

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This week’s special is homity pie, vegan or veggie, tomato/basil/smoked paprika soup and some more bounty bars and a chocolate fudge x

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Another great review and the only criticism is our prices are too LOW!!!! That’s a first! Thank you

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