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Peagreen Kitchen is now closed for Summer holidays, we are back on September 4th ☀️

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Fruit, dark chocolate and nut balls! Gluten free but not calorie free, alas!

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We’re off on our hols on Friday 11th August ☀️see you on Monday 4th September when we reopen at 9.30am x

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This week’s special is homity pie, vegan or veggie, tomato/basil/smoked paprika soup and some more bounty bars and a chocolate fudge x

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Another great review and the only criticism is our prices are too LOW!!!! That’s a first! Thank you

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Have you tried our turmeric latte?

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Bounty bars are back! G/F & cruelty free ❤️

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We love a great trip advisor to cheer us up on a rainy Wednesday, thanks SO MUCH x

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I’m a bit late with this week’s specials but we were so busy yesterday there wasn’t an opportunity to do it!

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We have a great, raw chocolate rocky road today at PGK (thank you Deliciously Ella ☺️) full of healthy yumminess, look at the ingredients..

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Doors opening

The wait is nearly over. We will finally be opening the Peagreen Kitchen door on Monday morning at 10am (that’s the 30th November).
We are all very excited and can’t wait to start serving food and meeting our customers (rather than sawing and hammering things).
We’ve been setting up our links with local supplies, like Orchard Farm for our eggs. They’re a family farm based a few miles away in Stokeinteignhead and have very happy free range hens (we sometimes watch them). We’re also getting our meat from Gribbles, who many of you will already know from Torre or Occombe Farm. They’ve just won the South West Butcher of the Year award, which can’t be bad. We reckon if you’re going to have meat it should be good, local meat.
If you’re on Facebook then keep an eye on our page for daily menus, specials and anything else we might think of.

From Monday we will be open Monday–Friday from 10am till 3pm. So please, pop in and say hello and try some lovely, tasty food. We hope you’ll like it!

Hello Torquay!

PK_logo_webAnother café or restaurant in Torquay? Surely not? Oh yes, but this one is different.

We’re on a mission to bring you real, wholesome, tasty, affordable food. It’s not a greasy spoon, it’s not a twee tea room, it’s not an artisan coffee shop (that’s the excellent Noble Tree next door). The Peagreen Kitchen will do lunches that you just can’t find anywhere else.

We are busy getting everything ready at the moment and will be open soon. Hope to see you soon Torquay!